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Corsair used to be known for just producing RAM modules. In recent years, however, they have ventured into the gaming peripheral sector. They are now a leader in the installation of RBG lighting in a wide range of electronic products. 

Corsair's peripherals are known for allowing you to personalize almost every element of their design and operation. It provides a comprehensive application that allows you to control every device you own.

Easy-to-use Management Tool

Since its launch, the Corsair Gaming brand has grown in popularity. It can be used to market a variety of gadgets, including keyboards, mice, mousepads, and headsets. Each of these devices is tailored exclusively for gamers. 

With so many peripherals to handle, the Corsair Utility Engine - iCUE allows you to manage them all in one place by generating profiles for each. This ensures that each peripheral has its own preset. Instead of changing the device's settings, you can immediately select its preset.

Helpful Configuration Options

This program offers numerous extensive customization possibilities. For example, when you're configuring your macros, the application will record clicks, key presses, scrolling, mouse movement, and delays. 

iCUE allows you to create nearly any form of lighting effect. This is a major reason why people choose this item to use. To make things easier, the advanced mode should be disabled. There are numerous popular effects to pick from, with fewer customizing options. 

Your mouse's DPI range can be set to several different values. As for your Corsair headset, the application allows you to build equalizer presets. You can also manage them through the program. 

Total personalization and control over your Corsair-branded peripherals. 

Corsair Utility Engine - iCUE is one of the most effective peripheral management apps available. Even amateurs will find it simple to access and use. 

The program provides several customization options for your devices, such as control over their appearance and behavior. And if you wish to get around with little effort, you'll appreciate its GUI function.

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