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What Are Cookies

Cookies: What Are They? This website uses cookies, which are little files that are transferred to your computer in order to enhance your experience, as is standard procedure for practically all professional websites. This page explains the data they collect, how we use it, and the circumstances under which we might need to keep these cookies. We shall also discuss how to stop these cookies from being saved, albeit doing so might 'break' or degrade some features of the website.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies for the many purposes listed below. Sadly, most of the time there are no industry-standard ways to disable cookies without also entirely blocking the features and functionality they bring to this website. If you are unsure whether you require cookies or not, it is advised that you leave all of them enabled in case they are needed to deliver a service that you find useful.

Disabling Cookies

By changing your browser's settings, you can stop cookies from being set (see your browser's Help for instructions on how to do this). Please be advised that blocking cookies will impact how this and many other websites you visit work. Usually, when you disable cookies, some of our site's features and functions also get disabled. It is therefore advised that you leave cookies enabled.

The Cookies We Set

Email newsletters-related cookies - This website provides email and newsletter subscription services; cookies may be used to remember if you have previously registered and whether to display specific alerts that may be exclusive to users who have subscribed or unsubscribed.

Forms related cookies - When you provide information via a form, including those on contact sites or comment forms, cookies might be used to store your user information for correspondence in the future.

Site preferences cookies - We've included the ability to customize how this site functions so that you can have the best possible experience while using it. We must set cookies in order to remember your preferences, allowing this data to be retrieved each time you interact with a page that is influenced by your choices.

Third-Party Cookies

We sometimes employ cookies that have been sent to us by reliable third parties. The third-party cookies that this website may use are listed in the section below. This website makes use of Google Analytics, one of the most popular and reliable online analytics tools, to better understand how users interact with the site and identify areas for improvement. To keep creating interesting content, these cookies may track things like how long you spend on the website and the sites you visit. Visit the official Google Analytics page for additional details on cookies used by Google Analytics.

A DoubleClick cookie is used by Google AdSense and/or Google AdManager, the advertising services we use, to show you fewer ads that are irrelevant to you online and to increase the relevancy of the ads you see. Visit Google AdSense's official privacy FAQ for additional details. We use advertisements to help pay for the upkeep of this website and to raise money for new improvements. The purpose of the behavioral advertising cookies this website uses is to make sure we show you the most relevant advertisements possible by tracking your interests anonymously and delivering related content that could be of interest.

Several partners run advertisements for us, and affiliate tracking cookies just let us know if visitors arrive at the website via one of our partner websites so we can give them the proper credit and, if applicable, let our affiliate partners offer you any bonuses they might have for making a purchase.

More Information

With any luck, this has made things clearer for you. As was previously said, in case something interacts with a function you use on our site, it is usually safer to leave cookies enabled if you are unsure whether you need them or not. However, please use our contact page to get in touch with us if you still have questions about how we use cookies.